Easily Organize and Enhance Your Video Clips By Video Optimizer Pro

It goes without saying that having access to high-quality video editing software is of the utmost importance, even in 2018.

Nowadays we are capturing more high-standard video content than ever before, but video editing is still essential and takes your footage to the next level. Whether you’re looking to sharpen or enhance features, or just fancy trimming and merging video, you’re bound to find scores of software up to the task. However, Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro has to be up there with the very best and we think it has unlocked a new level.

With more video tweaking and optimising features than once imaginable, this program will truly revolutionise your editing capabilities while not breaking the bank. Appropriate for beginners and professionals working across a range of industries alike, Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro is a standout piece of software.

Not only does it offer an enjoyable and seamless experience of enhancing video, it also facilitates the opportunity for great results. During this review we will explore how it excels in three areas in particular; perfecting videos, handling action content and providing impeccable usability.

Perfect your videos

As mentioned, Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro boasts a fine array of features designed to allow the user to seamlessly perfect videos.

The wide range of automatic features really impressed us as soon as we downloaded it. You can solve frustrations like lens distortion, blurriness, camera shakes and even noise issues within just a few clicks – so satisfying!

The built-in-editor then supports the cropping, sharpening, rotating and merging of video clips, while a far-reaching choice of filters help to provide that instant polish. Moreover, reducing flicker and optimising white balance, contrasts and colours can also be achieved without worry.

The beginners among you, and even some novice editors, may be thinking ‘rotating and cropping video, that sounds tricky’ – well, not with Ashampoo’s latest offering. We were amazed at how fast, straightforward and effective the whole experience was.

By stabilising footage and carrying out all of the above, this program excels in getting the best out of any video content. That’s true of footage shot on the finest camera or even from a mobile phone or action cam, but we’ll speak more about this in a moment.

So, whether you’ve shot your video in poor lighting or a noisy environment, have no fear. The features available through Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro will help clear it all up.

In truth the program provides a complete video editing and perfecting package.


Perfect usability

To be fair, by just going on the previously mentioned featured alone, Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro has already proved why it can compete with the more expensive suite options out there.

Budding videographers editing home movies can use this software as a foundation for their video optimising education. Getting to grips with easy-to-use sliders and pre-sets can help show them the basics, while also saving time and creating quality results.

Meanwhile experienced professionals, wedding or freelance videographers for example, can also experience the efficiency and effectiveness of the program. Time will be saved thanks to batch-processing and it is also possible to add metadata to content – we can hear the videographer cheers already! It really does take just one click to process it all in one go, a magical feeling.

The batch-processing feature, which also supports individual settings for each video, is just one of many simple added features that cannot be underestimated in their inclusion. Together with the different editing modes and pre-sets, it will ensure significant improvements without the need for user intervention.

We loved it, and the other time-saving features often unavailable or limited in other editors. It’s great to see advanced results can be achieved without the need for complexity, a friendly interface and common-sense settings really make all the difference.

Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro is also available in several key languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish. But the visual language is also a major victory, guiding any user through the editing experience warmly by the hand but also with confidence and an educational tone.

Perfect for Action

Not only does this program surely rank among the top video editors out there, it is also perfect for enhancing all kinds of action video – no matter how it was shot.

Firstly, users can look forward to spending more time filming in the great outdoors as opposed to being stuck inside editing. This is thanks to built-in features like fisheye removal and image stabilisation, meaning distortions caused by a wide-angle lens of an action or drone cam can be fixed, almost instantly.

Thanks to high-performance image stabilisation capabilities, GoPro or handheld shots taken in motion can become smoother and yet more realistic. This makes Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro truly perfect for GoPro and drone footage, as well as smart phones and digital cameras.

Add drama to your videos thanks to brilliant time-lapse and slow-motion features. The creators knew that cams often run at 60fps, so they added speed manipulation – which again, we are very impressed by.

Pre-sets for all common models are included within the program, catering for; GoPro, Garmin VIRB, Drift HD and Ghost, as well as customisable device profiles. Again, don’t worry about cameras splitting up long recordings into smaller files, Pro’s merge feature comes to the rescue.