Ncell in association with MiDas education to provide Digital Education Service

Ncell in association with MiDas education to serve the eClass services to its users. Now Ncell Users get accessible to the Digital education service provided by MiDas Education. Giving the visualize knowledge rather than the oral knowledge, makes the Children more understanding in the specific topic. Only Ncell Users are accessible in using the educational tool of MiDas Education.

Now Ncell users can access the educational material, video tutorial, many more from MiDas eClass from the grade Playgroup to Grade 10. Students now get the digital education system in your mobile phone. Ncell fixed the rate of accessing the educational material as per daily or weekly or monthly.

Ncell and MiDas eClass price rate:

Daily: Rs.15.26
Weekly: Rs.71.26
Monthly: Rs.254.50

Ncell users in the first week can get the free access to the MiDas eClass. After installing the official MiDas eClass application from appstore, users need to register with their phone number and need to choose the plan. After completing the basic steps, you can download the official educational content from it, which are approved by Curriculum Development Center (CDC).

With this service, we expect to have development in digital education system of Nepal. Now Students not only depends on School for their study, but rather he/she can get all educational full course at home. Thanks to Ncell for joining the hands with MiDas eClass.