Ncell Lastai Thulo Offer

Bigger the recharge, bigger the bonus!
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  • What is Ncell’s Lastai Thulo Offfer?
    Ncell presents Lastai Thulo Offer, the ultimate big bonus offer for prepaid customers. Customers can avail from Rs.100 up to 1000 bonus.
  • Is this bonus balance available on all recharge amounts?
    This bonus balance is available on recharge cards/amounts of Rs. 200, Rs. 300, Rs. 500 ad Rs. 1000
  • How much bonus balance will I receive and what is the validity?
    The bonus balance details are:

    Recharge Bonus Validity (No. of days)
    Rs.200 Rs. 100 5
    Rs. 300 Rs. 200  7
    Rs. 500 Rs. 400 10
    Rs. 1000 Rs. 1000 14
  • What can the bonus balance be used for?
    The bonus balance you receive can be used for calls, SMS and data usage within the Ncell network.
  • Is there a specific method of recharging my Ncell number, to avail this bonus balance?
    You can recharge your Ncell sim in a variety of methods:
    -Recharge cards
    -Online recharge
    -Cash payment at select banks
    -Ncell dealerships
    -Ncell retailers
  • Is the bonus balance available while doing a pre-paid to pre-paid balance transfer?
    No, the bonus balance will not be received via a pre-paid to pre-paid balance transfer.
  • What is the duration of this offer?
    This offer is valid for a total of 3 months starting from 23rd May, 2016 till 20th August, 2016