Best Smart Phones With Pop-Up Cameras And Sliders In 2018

The dynamic environment does bring the amendment in the life, we adopt things and mold ourselves with respect to the change and time, the same factor applies in the technology world where innovation and novelty are considered superior to anything. The modification in the smartphone designs is also a newness we are witnessing from past 2 years, the improvement has brought a lot of futuristic revelation in the smartphone body structure. Earlier we have seen that the bezel-less notch style became a vogue following the Apple iPhone X footprints, however, many notch style bezel- smartphones for the full view display released in the year 2017, later on, the companies decided to introduce something distinguishing to integrate the front camera for the complete infinity display. Interestingly this was the turning point in the smartphone industry as in the year 2018 highlighted as the year of modernization and upgrades in the mobile phones motif as the addition of pop-up cameras and sliders happened.

Vivo NEX

Vivo is the Chinese brand which has kick-started this new innovation in the smartphone design.

The drive of bezel-less display was taken seriously by the Vivo manufactures and they decided to ditch the notch, the question was that where would the front camera would place and that was the point of evolution, the pop- up camera mechanism was housed in the front-facing camera ultimately was something astonishing leading to the popularity of  pop-up camera phones in Nepal.

The concept of the Vivo NEX pop-up camera set up functions on when you touch the front camera option it automatically slides out from the top of the smartphone, however it hides back inside the top edge of the device when the front camera is closed. Furthermore, for the earpiece set up, the Vivo NEX adopted a piezo-electric sound system in the minimal top bezel.

Oppo Find X

Well, the Chinese brands were keen to bring out the best camera setups in 2018, the next tech giant of mobile communication and smartphone industry of China Oppo released its flagship Oppo Find X in the same time to compete with the Vivo NEX.

In particular, this was not a pop-up camera phone but the Oppo Find X has the whole front and rear camera set up infused in the mechanical motorized mechanism that transformed the smartphone into a bezel-less sleek curved glass build and the full screen view of 6.42-inch AMOLED display, moreover all its sensors hidden on the slide-out tray.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

 The best phones with pop-up cameras and sliders in 2018 have another addition and that is Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 in Nepal. This smartphone mechanism is much appreciated by the customers as it well structured and functions manually.

This smartphone slider mechanism finely hides the front-facing camera and sensors behind the large bezel-less 6.39-inch Super AMOLED display which is heftier and substantial yet the phone has strong satisfying grip but the rear camera set up remained placed habitually.

Honor Magic 2

The Chinese brand Huawei sub-brand Honor has also come up with the slider smartphone named as Honor Magic 2 in Nepal. The phone has the replicated sliding camera set up of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 but it functions and slides out automatically. Interestingly, the Honor Magic 2 price in Nepal is quite high compared with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 as one of the enhanced feature and differentiation point is the triple camera set up in Magic 2 at the rear and front instead dual.