PUBG Mobile Lite Game you must try once before 2019

PUBG has been taking the world by storm, coming across as one of the topmost games. It has proven to be one of the top titles on iOS and Android phones in a short time. In order to have an enjoyable gameplay experience, you will need a phone with powerful internals, however. Tencent wants to increase its appeal amongst budget smartphone users by bringing a Lite version for the lower-tier Android devices.

The past few weeks have been all about Fortnite since the game is finally starting to see playability on Android devices. However, the game will be available only for the flagship devices. To capitalize on the trend, Tencent Games has brought an optimized version of ‘PUBG’ for phones with low specifications.

PUBG Mobile only plays well on Android devices with high specs enough to handle the game. The game’s requirements are not that heavy, but if you’re on a budget device, you won’t get the same experience. Called PUBG MOBILE Lite, the game is claimed to be optimized for low-end Android phones without compromising on experience.

In a genius move, PUBG Mobile Lite is literally the same game as the regular PUBG Mobile. The only major differences are that you face 40 other players instead of 100 and the map you play on is smaller so your device has fewer graphics to render. Other than those two changes, PUBG Mobile Lite plays, looks, and sounds the same as the regular PUBG Mobile.

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Want to get it on your phone? Before you rush off to download the game, there is a major caveat. For now, the game is only available to people in the Philippines. However, the Lite version is on cards for India and is presently undergoing compatibility tests. The game will soon be available at the Google Play Store.