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Intels first ruler SSD with 32TB storage unveiled 2018

Exactly one year ago, Intel announced its first “ruler” SSD (Solid State Drive) form-factor, aiming at the enterprise data storage market. When announced, Intel said that these SSDs would give 1U servers the ability to access up to 1 Petabyte (PB) of onboard storage.

Intel has unsheathed its first “ruler” SSD what it calls the world’s densest SSD. The bizarre device has a 12-inch long housing and a colossal amount of storage. Intel SSD DC P4500 is roughly the length of an old-school ruler and holds a whopping 32TB of data. The ruler-shaped SSD draws one-tenth the power of a traditional spinning hard drive. Memory cells in the P4500 are stacked 64 layers deep.

Intel is pushing this unique form-factor as a cost-effective way to replace traditional Hard Disk Drives. HDDs generate quite a bit of heat, especially when you have multiple drives enclosed in a relatively tight enclosure. Given that, the 24/7 air-conditioning systems contribute greatly to the running costs of data centers. “This is one of the reasons some of the world’s biggest data companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Tencent are using the new ‘ruler’ SSD to support their cloud and data center operations,” Intel said.

“Compared with a traditional SSD, the “ruler” requires half the airflow to keep cool,” Intel explains. “And compared with hard disk storage, the new 3D NAND SSD sips one-tenth the power and requires just one-twentieth space.”

SSD’s are advancing more rapidly than most other kinds of tech, both for consumers and cloud providers. However, you’ll still have to wait a while for your own 32TB SSD, though.