China launching Man-made moon to make city bright in Night time

Artificial Moon

Chinese Astrologer aims in launching the Artificial Moon by 2020. The Tian Fu New Area Science Society brings the idea of Artificial Moon for making the city bright even in night time. This illumination satellites is 8 times brighter than actual moon. During the innovation conference on October 10, head of Society Wu Chunfeng announced the plans and will be launched in skies of Chinese city by 2020.

The Man-made moon is going to launched by Xichang Satellite Launch Center and orbit above Chengdu  city (capital of Sichuan province). If the first Artificial Moon successfully launched, Xichang Satellite Launch Center to launch three more such Man-made moon by 2022.

This Artificial Moon is coated with reflective surface, that reflects back sunlight back to the earth. The main aim of this illumination satellite is to make the city bright even in Night time, result the reduction of streetlights and indirectly save energy. The Artificial Moon will be placed in above 500 Km from the earth. The actual Moon is at 3,80,000 km above the earth.

This is not the first attempt of launching any artificial body above the earth. In 90’s Russian scientist already launched the 25m diameter space mirror, that redirects the rays to the Russian cities coming from the sun. But in 1999, the space mirror gets burned and attempt fails.