Gold and Silver Price In Nepal | 8 Magh 2075 | Tuesday Jan 22, 2019

Gold has always been the favorite of many not just as a metal for making jewelry but as a type of investment. The Gold rate in Nepal, as well as other countries, keep fluctuating regularly and the end price is usually determined by the demand and supply forces in the market. There are different ways in which, the demand for the yellow metal is analyzed and categorized such as jewelry demand, technology demand, investment demand and central banks demand.

Focusing on the Nepali market, the retail Gold rate today in Nepal is:

Gold Hallmark – tola Nrs. 60,699.46
Gold Tajabi – tola Nrs. 60,402.02
Gold Hallmark – 10g  Nrs. 52,040.00
Gold Tajabi – 10g Nrs. 51,785.00
Silver – tola  Nrs. 750.00
Silver – 10g Nrs. 643.00

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