What is PAN Card and How to register PAN Card online

Government of Nepal recently issued the notice regarding the PAN Card, where they stated that each citizen who is earning more than Rs.1000 must need to apply for it. From the Shrawan 1st, 2076 Government implemented this rule in Nepal.

With this rule from Government, any Private Company or Organization is not allowed to bear the salary to their staff without clarifying their official PAN number. So, every Company should check their staffs’ PAN number. The company is not allowed to press the bill of these capital as the expenses.

So, What is a PAN Card? How to get a PAN Card? What are the advantage and disadvantage of having PAN Card?

What is PAN Card?

Any employee citizens who are responsible for paying the tax to the Government from the specific country are assigned with a unique Permanent Account Number (PAN) that includes the alphanumeric characters of any length (differs according to the country). PAN Card is the system that holds the detail information of those citizens. Though he/she shift their working space, this permanent number will remain constant.

How to get a PAN Card?

In Nepal, the Inland Revenue Department is responsible to issue the PAN card to every taxpayer’s citizens. To get a PAN Card, a citizen either visit the Taxpayer Service office Lazimpat, Kathmandu or apply it via an online portal.

Documents required to get a PAN Card in Nepal

  • National Identification Card (Driving License / Citizenship /Voter card etc)
  • 2- Passport Size Photo
  • Recommendation letter from the respective Company (where you are currently working)
  • a respective person needs to present in the office for the official signature

How to get PAN Card Online in Nepal?

  • Now click on the Taxpayer Portal option
  • You will be redirected to the next page, where you can see this page
  • Now click on the (+) button of Registration and click Application for Registration option available in the left side of the page, and you will see this page
  • Now fill out the detail information and click OK.
  • Note that: You are applying for the Government card, so make sure all the detail matches with your official citizenship card.
  • After clicking the save button, you need to pass the detail about your Company (where you works)
  • After completing all the steps click OK.
  • Now, you need to print out the final result from the page.

So, after you printed out the document, you need to visit the official Tax Service Office for the PAN Card. So, visit the office along with the following Documents.

  • Official Company registered document
  • 2-Passport Size Photo
  • Photocopy of Citizenship card
  • A full sketch of the Map illustrating the Company official location

After completing all the procedure you will get your official Personal Account Number (PAN).