Facebook major announcements in Facebook F8 conference 2019

More than 4 billion people are using Facebook daily, to make Facebook be more user-friendly, the Facebook developer is working too hard. And there are a lot of announcements to make in 2019. Here are the major announcements Facebook made in the Facebook F8 conference 2019.

1.) The Future is Private

facebook conference

Facebook doesn’t seem to be a more secure platform to share our personal content. This year Facebook Developer works for hours, focusing on different ways to make Facebook as a secure social platform to share the personal content as well. The major changes in Facebook privacy are private interactions, encryption, reduced permanence, safety, interoperability, and secure data storage. Also, the company will try to encrypt media files shared on Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp.

2.) Facebook Newsfeed with the new look

facebook conference newlook

Facebook is a social platform and aims to maintain a good social circle with friends, family, and relatives. So, this year Facebook old homepage looks will convert into the pure Social platform surrounded by groups, family, friends, and events. The only aim of this makeover is to get more attention to Facebook friends activities.

3.) Lightspeed Messenger

facebook conference messenger

Yes, Messenger is running too heavily in our budget smartphones. Sometimes, while we are enjoying any movies, games or application Facebook messenger pops up notifying you the arrival of a new message. Because of it, our phone becomes slow or unresponsive. To eradicate these kinds of problems, Facebook is enhancing its size. The new Messenger size will be reduced 30MB.

Also, Facebook to launch standalone desktop messenger app which will notify you every time when new messages arrive.

4.) Instagram new camera and modes

facebook conference instagram updates

Capturing the memory with the Instagram camera isn’t too alluring and fascinating. Finally, Facebook brings some changes to its inbuilt camera to capture more enhanced daily schedule. With the major changes in camera, Facebook also added some new modes in an Instagram story.

5.) Facebook Dating service gets more enhanced

facebook conference facebook dating

In 2018, Facebook Dating was introduced is not as popular as expected because the service is only accessible to fewer countries. In 2019 F8 conference, Facebook accesses the service to 14 more countries. Also, the next feature called “Secret Crush” added in it. More detail available here

6.) Launched two new VR sets:

facebook conference headsets

On the F8 conference, Facebook launched two new VR sets worth $400 each. The new VR sets are Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S. These headsets will ship to 22 different countries and shipping starts from MAy 21, 2019.

7.) Facebook Market place

Facebook to launch its own marketplace for buying goods. So, users can directly purchase the goods from Facebook itself. Currently, this feature is the only accessible to US region.

Along with these major announcement, Facebook also says about Machine learning and AI. Facebook is strongly anticipated to work with different AI technology and to make Facebook a pure user platform.