LG grand product:- first three screen display phone in the World.

South Korean Company LG is about to launch a product which is surely going to rule over the tech market as because LG is about to launch three screen smartphones. We are not throwing any fake post, but it is truth that, LG is about to launch a three screen smartphones. This phone will be the one of the features and antique product of LG till now. The main features of this phone is that this phone has three screen display. You can equally function all the display .

Since the long time, LG is working and researching to bring such smartphone in this tech market in the world. With the success of such research now company is about to launch three screen display phone in all over the tech market. With all three screen , you can equally functioned and all the screen has touch facility. All the screen is fold able.

Among three screen one screen will function as a main screen. Users can easily turn off and turn on the screen as per your need. With this three screen you are able to perform a multitasking. This is cool and unique  concept by LG. You can turn your small display to a large display by combining all the display as a single display.

LG has not announced the publishment or any features and specification of the phone. ZTE has already launched a 5.2 inch foldable screen in the market. Once LG has launched their product this will really going to be competing among each other.

We will update as soon as possible when LG announces the official releasement of this smartphone in the market.