5 destinations for Nepali students

The trend of going abroad for further studies is growing among Nepali students everyday. The number of Nepali students opting for foreign degrees is enormous and every year the number is only increasing.

Below are listed the top 5 destinations chosen by Nepali students to study abroad:

5. China:

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Neighboring China has currently become a very popular destination for Nepali students who are opting to study abroad. Schools of China are developing at a very fast pace as the Chinese government is making an effort to create scientific and academic world leaders. The Chinese government is funding a huge sum for higher education. On the other hand education in China is cheaper. There also are very competitive courses for engineering, business, management and medicine programs.

4. Japan:

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Japanese government and Japanese Universities offer hundreds of scholarship schemes which has made Japan a very loves destination for Nepali students. Apart from that, the amazing success made by Japan in field of modernization, science and technology over a very short period of time has also attracted many students from all over the world to study in Japan. But students who are planning to go Japan for further education must get Japanese Language Training.

3. India:

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India has been a choice for Nepali students to study from ages. But in the current context, India has a world class education system which is strongly monitored by the government which is attracting even more students to study in Indian. Being neighboring country and sharing many cultures, parents too prefer to send their children to India for studying. The universities of India also prove a wide range of scholarship schemes and over all, the fees are very affordable.

2. USA:

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More than 4% of students getting higher education in the Unites States are foreign students as USA has the largest population of international students in the world. The modern technology used in USA for providing education and also the 900 fields to study in is what has lured thousands of students in Nepal to study in the USA. In the past few years, Nepali students have been the fastest growing student communities in the USA.

1. Australia:

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Behind USA, Australia as the second biggest enrolment of International students for higher education. Australian universities provide luxurious and flexible course which has created a great and respected impression among Nepali students wanting to study abroad. The job opportunities provided for students is also a reason many students of Nepal eye to study in Australia. There are also many scholarship schemes for students which is also a huge reason why Australia is the most popular destination for Nepali students.