5 Popular Android Apps You Should Uninstall Right Now

Uninstall these apps right now if you have it

Dangerous Android Apps You Should Uninstall Right Now


SHAREit – Transfer and Share

SHAREit has been a very popular app over the last few years with over 1 billion+ downloads on Google Play Store. Initially, it had been a simple file sharing app but over time, it has gotten worse. SHAREit has been filled with ads, bloatware and unwanted contents which obsoletes the original use case. This ad script requires lots of resources which eventually affects your phones performance and might have malware bundled into your phone. If you use can deal with the bloatware and ads, fine. However, if you choose not to, then we have a substitution app for you – Files by Google. You can use this app to share files offline and even earn rewards in the process.







Download Files by Google here

Sun Pro Beauty Camera & Funny Sweet Beauty Camera

These two adware-infested apps had amassed over 1 million+ downloads while Funny Sweet Beauty Camera managing over 500,000+ downloads over the last 7 months. These two malicious apps have been removed from Google Play Store for security reasons. Sun Beauty Camera has been in the Play Store for last 2 years since 2017.

The security firm mentioned that these apps asks for unnecessary permissions and are also capable of recording users audio without their consent. It has the capability to listen to any audio that’s being said around it at any time.

Therefore, this is also a good reminder to consider what permissions an app asks of your phone before installing it.

Clean Master – Antivirus, App lock and App Cleaner

Such cleaner apps promise to clean your unwanted files to speed up your phone by stopping background processes. Clean Master, which have over 1 billion+ downloads promises to do just that. But in fact, these kind of apps are the worst type of apps ever made. Kill background apps to make your phone faster? Nonsense! The irony is this, these type of apps itself runs in the background all the time and makes your phone slower. Also in the next process, when the forcefully closed apps run again, it will take up more resources, makes your phone more slower which eventually consumes your battery juice. This Clean Master app is a resource hog and its developer Cheetah Mobile is also a very sketchy developer.

UC Browser – Free & Fast Video Downloader, News App

While this Chinese app have crossed over 500M+ downloads, it has been caught in few scandals before. The browser requires unnecessary permissions like accessing your contact logs, your phone number, your call logs and your SMS’s. Why would a browser need all these private information? As far as your privacy is concerned, UC Browser was caught stealing private data and information of the users and sending it to anonymous servers. In 2015, Citizen Lab published news about the leaking of private details of various UC Browser users. Several other reputed companies have skepticized UC Browser and questioned their privacy issues. UC Browser is not safe.