8 FORBIDDEN Apps That Are Not On The Play Store!

Millions and millions of apps are found on the google playstore. But there are some of them they are not available on playstore. Here in the post, we give you the information about the apps which are not available on the playstore and will helpful for you.
These are 10 mobile application which are forbidden on google playstore. Let’s get started.
This app let to watch live tv on your android device. There is also lots of sections including news, technology, gaming and different tv channels streaming online. You can use this application for watching football matches, premier leagues or even cricket matches whenever you don’t have a tv nearby you. This application has almost all the tv channels around the world whether it’s from spain, italy or india right at your fingertips. It’s really cool and let’s you stream tv in high quality depending up your internet connection. It’s free and it’s amazing.


2. OGInstagram
It’s your regular instagram application with added funcutanality. It’s let you zoom into different pictures by clicking and holding on it. It has the funcutanality of downloading any picture or audio directly from instagram by clicking on the download botton. OGInstagram is a great application you should check it out.



3. TubeMate
Most of you guys guessed from the name of the application, this app let you download youtube videos online through this app. You can download videos of youtube in diffenent quality as well as audio only file. It’s cool app and you should check it once.


4. LMT Launcher
LMT Launcher is a free utility app for the Android device. The app is developed by XDA Developers which is a tool that makes certain quick action with just a simple gestures on the screen. There is also a system-wide pie chart navigation tool feature that you can install to make certain menu items available with just a simple touch.



5. Popcorn Time
This is the most popular application for watching movies and TV shows on your android mobile device. You can find all the latest movies on the apps. You can also fine TV shows, anime in the menu section. You can download the movies you want to watch or you can watch online from the Popcorn Time app. Go adhead, download it up. It’s free.


6. Adguard
As simple as it’s sounds, it does what it says. Its blocks all ads from your android device from different applications and websites to give you true format of the apps. You just have to open it up and enable it by clicking on the green power botton. Adguard for Android is a remarkable web filter that protects you from annoying advertising, malicious and phishing websites, online tracking and much more. Adguard handles all types of internet ads, speeds up page load, saves bandwidth and increases your device protection against possible threats.


7. Fildo
This is an application that lets you download all songs, all albums all around the world for free on your android device. This is not allowed in the playstore because it’s all free and providing free downloads. One of the major advantages of Fildo compared to other similar applications is that it doesn’t actually store any content. The app just acts as a link between users and other services (like NetEase) from there you’ll be able to download songs comfortably. All you have to do is type in the name of the band you’re looking for or the track you want, and after a few clicks it’ll be ready for you to listen to and enjoy.


8. Lucky Patcher
This apps needs no introduction. this is Lucky Patcher. Incase you are in the android indrustry less than a year, you probably heard of this application. This is the god of all app that are not on the play store. This one let you do anything with every little thing present on your phone. Its works for rooted as well as non rooted users. It helps you to create APK files without ads and without liscence verifications and really gives you hacker feel while using your android device. All in all, it’s a great application and again it’s free and it’s not on the playstore.