Apple became the world’s first $1 trillion tech company

Apple successfully cross the company revenue of $1 trillion. Apple is the first Tech company to cross over the company worth of $1 trillion. On Thursday, August 2, 2018 Apple’s share increased by 2.92% and finished up the last trading price of $207.39, results the company revenue of $1 trillion ($1,001,678,000,000).

Similarly, with the case Amazon is also going to hit the $1 trillion company revenue now in very short period of time. But now Apple is the first and only one US tech company to have $1 trillion of revenue.

On the running of 42 years of company, Apple successfully hits the company revenue with the mark of $1 trillion. From the last 2011, The company share price has increased by 2,000 percent. 2011 is the year, where Tim Cok became the CEO of the company.

There is no such company to maintain the company revenue of $1 trillion for a long period of time. As Chinese company Petro has become the world’s first country of $1 trillion and only 2% company share is distributed among the public.

Also, One of the Oil Corporation company of Saudi Arabia so called National Oil Company is about to hit the company revenue of $2 trillion.