Apple MacBook 2019 Features, Specifications, Price and Release Date

Keeping up with the tradition of bringing up the most versatile tech products every year, Apple has been all ready to gauge up the attention of its fans all over the world with a marvellous addition in its Macbook Series by bringing up Apple MacBook 2019, with the most  ultra-modern features and striking performance that has been set as a benchmark by the brand leader in the global tech industry. Let’s round up all the features and specifications that have been speculated in the Apple MacBook 2019.

MacBook 2019 Design

Though no external changes in the sleek and stylish design of Apple MacBook 2019 has been seen from the last few years, but we are expecting it to have slimmer bezels to give it a more spell-bounding look in order to increase the screen to body ratio of its latest MacBook without compromising on the  size of the laptop. Subsequently, we also expect the tech giant to compress the size of this magnificent structure with advancement to make it more light-weighted than MacBook Air.

Along with that, Stay tuned to see a splash of color in your favorite MacBook 2019 as it is rumored to have an addition of Rose Gold variant which was previously abandoned from the color variety of its recent Mac laptops collection.  Apart from that, MacBook 2019 is expected to be available in Rusty Silver, Space Gray and Silver Gold as well.

Based on the recent updates, a Touch Bar at the top of its keyboard would also be made available like the icing on the cake to provide shortcuts for different functionalities. Moreover, the novelty of this new MacBook could be the Touch ID that has recently been made available in MacBook Air to make the fans of  Apple MacBooks. Along with that, to have an adjustable brightness giving you environment-friendly light effects with its True Tone effect to have fewer eye strains is the most dazzling feature that we look for in this ravishing laptop. We can also expect Apple MacBook 2019 to come up with USB Type-C/Thunderbolt 3 port to have up to 40Gbps connection speed that is way too faster than Thunderbolt 2

Face ID on the MacBook Pro 2019?


Seeing features from iPhones being added to Apple laptops is nothing new. For example, Apple incorporated the Touch ID feature to the fourth generation of MacBook Pro laptops released in 2016 along with the introduction of the Touch Bar.

And since Apple has always given emphasis on making their products more secure for the consumers, seeing Apple laptops equipped with the TrueDepth cameras is not impossible. However, whether or not Apple is going to consider adding this feature to the MacBook Pro 2019 series is still unknown.

iMore also noted that some Windows-run laptops are already equipped with the facial recognition tech. Knowing how the competition goes, it is not going to be surprising to see Apple do the same.

More Ports on the MacBook Pro 2019?

The available ports on the MacBook Pro 2019 are some of the predicted features, as seen in several reports. The 2018-released MacBook Pro refresh still lacks a variety of ports. Yes, it has four Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports that can be used for charging and the DisplayPort, but to many, it still lacks variety.

This forces many MacBook Pro users to purchase a separate dongle if they need ports for other purposes like an HDMI connection. So if the advanced features and improvements are not yet due for the MacBook Pro 2019, some fans hope that, at least, Apple will address the port situation.

MacBook 2019 Release Date

Based on the launch of 15-in Apple MacBook Pro 2018, we are expecting the flagship Macbook 2019 release date to be around the last quarter of 2019 with some breakthrough innovations to make a mark in the world of technological advancements.

MacBook 2019 Price

Though no leaks or pricing details have been released officially we are speculating MacBook 2019 price in Nepal to be not higher than its forbearer. However, the modular upgrade and ultra-modern and fascinating specs of its showcase to be the most demanding smart device of the year with a thrilling performance that has not to be profound yet.