Apple launched the cheapest ipad, Is it worth better to buy?

Apple in an education event held in Chicago at Lane Tech College Prep High School, shows off the 9.7 inches of iPad with the support of Apple pencil stylus. In this event Apple CEO’s says as,”Macs and iPads are used throughout schools by students for everything from music to language arts and even advanced robotics,

From its outer look, the 2018 iPad looks similar to the 2017 iPad. But this year, Apple includes the iPad pro and smaller iPad mini 4 along with the 99$ Apple pencil stylus support. The new 2018 iPad will features a A10 processor up from A9 and powered by iOs. The A10 chips is this iPad is more powerful than the many of the powerful chrome-books or pc. This 2018 iPad lacks the smart connector for Snap-on keyboards. The size of this year laptop is similar to the last year.

469 grams iPad has 8 MP camera and can withstand 10 hours of battery life. As well Apple upgrade the iCloud storage from 5GB to 200 GB . Now, the users can take advantage of augmented reality:Boulevard AR apps that is available in this iPad.

iPad this year has 300Mbps LTE support, Touch ID, GPS, acceleromenter, gyroscope and Apple pencil stylus support.

The available price of iPad is $329 (£319 in the UK, AU$469 in Australia), with a $30 discount for schools.

Comparing iPad with Google Chromebook. The cost of Chromebook is far cheaper than the Apple’s iPad. But the student will have more application features in iPad that it in the Google’s Chromebook. Though Chromebook tries to replace the Apple’s iPad but still maximum number of schools are preferring iPad. The iPad costs around 800$ or 900$  whereas the Chromebook is available in nearly about 250$