Bajaj and KTM collaboratively launching the first electric scooter in Nepal

KTM and Bajaj electric scooter

Bajaj and KTM collaboratively to launch their first product in Nepal. Bajaj and KTM are the two popular auto brands in Nepal, focusing specifically in two-wheelers. They both have their major specialties in their brands. The official detail about the upcoming scooter has not revealed yet, but it is confirmed that their first product will be the electric scooter and will be named alongside the two company KTM and Bajaj. In the upcoming EV show, the company prepares the prototype to show off its electric scooter.  The company claimed that the scooter is built in a 48-volt platform.

The current CEO of Bajaj, Rakesh Sharma to release their first prototype about the scooter. Initially, Company claims that the electric scooter will be launched after 2020, but Company changes their decision and claims that the scooter will be launched within 2020.

KTM and Bajaj first electric scooter will have 8-10 volt of Battery power. The electric scooter will have the pentagon-shaped Full LED headlight, front Blinker, and apron. Also, this scooter will feature the LED taillamp, Digital instrument console and also support the accessible of USB Charger. The all-new Electric scooter from KTM and Bajaj will come with modern and premium looks.

At the braking side, the scooter will have the disc brake at the front and drum brake at the rear. The company also revealed that they will be using CBS braking system on it.