Battery problem in iPhone 8 Plus.


The iPhone may have a battery problem. There are at least six different reports of the iphone 8 plus splitting along. It seems because batteries are swelling inside. Apple says that the problem of battery are coming from five countries in the past two weeks, when the phones first went on sale September 22nd.Yesteday only we get the news from china of cracking and swelling iPhone 8 plus batteries and post the picture of that phone in social media. Not only in china, In Taiwan and Japan also we found the problem of batteries in iPhone 8 plus. One of the chinese site posted the photo of swelling battery in the sites and the phone was bought by one of the chinese citizen on the day 5 October through internet and he saw that incident and he returns it to the shopkeeper. Apple says that they are doing research on this. IPhone has not become successful after launching iPhone 8 plus in market, the shares are going down


When lithium-ion-battery swells to this degree it could be unstable and it should not be used or recharged infact it could be potentially cause a fire although there have been no reports on the topic of fire yet.