BE in Aerospace Engineering: Syllabus and Course Outline

Aerospace Engineering is the recently introduced new four years course started from the academic year 2075/76. As this is the first year of introduction of Bachelor Of Engineering in Aerospace. Only Pulchowk Campus is running this course. The Syllabus for the Aerospace Engineering is published. Its a four years, 8th Semester course introduced by Tribhuvan University. As the number of students are going abroad like China and India to study Aerospace, so TU introduced this course in Nepal as well. So, Those students who are interested in Aerospace and take part the entrance exam conducted by IOE. Only 48 students will qualify for the seats.

Syllabus of Aerospace Engineering in Nepal.

S.No. Code Subject
1 SH 401 Engineering Mathematics – I
2. SH 452 Engineering Physics
3. EE 451 Basic Electrical Engineering
4. CE 451 Applied Mechanics
5. ME 401 Engineering Drawing – I
6. ME 403 Workshop Technology

S.NO. Code Subject
1. SH 451 Engineering Mathematics – II
2. ME 451 Engineering Drawing-II
3. EX 451 Basics Electronics Engineering
4. CT 401 Computer Programming
5. SH 403 Engineering Chemistry
6. ME 402 Fundamental of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

S.NO. Code Subject
1. SH 501 Engineering Mathematics – III
2. AE Fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering
3. ME 502 Engineering Mechanics
4. ME 554 Fluid Mechanics
5. AE Applied Thermodynamics and Heat transfer
6. AE Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing


S.N. Code Subject
1 SH 552 Probability and Statistics
2 EE 602 Control Systems
3 AE Aerospace Materials
4 AE Aerodynamics
5 ME 552 Strength of Materials
6 ME 653 Theory of Mechanism and Machine I

S.N. Code Subject
1 SH 603 Numerical Methods
2 AE Aircraft Manufacturing Process
3 AE Theory of Vibration
4 AE Continuum Mechanics
5 AE Aircraft Propulsion
6 AE Fault Monitoring and Diagnosis

S.N Code Subject
1 AE Avionics
2 AE Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
3 ME 751 Finite Element Method
4 AE Aircrafft Environment Control System
5 AE Flight Dynamics
6 AE Unnamed Air Vehicle Synthesis

S.N Code Subject
1 AE Aircraft Preliminary Design
2 AE Computational Fluid Dynamics
3 AE Air Traffic Management
4 AE Aircraft Structures
5 AE Embedded Systems in Avionics
6 AE Elective I
7 AE Project I

S.N Code Subject
1 AE Internship
2 AE Aviation Professional Practise
3 AE Elective II
4 AE Elective III
5 AE Project II