Catching Pikachu On Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks

-Pokemon Go is available for free on Android, iOS
-Pikachu is an uncommon Pokemon in Pokemon Go
-This is the only sureshot way to catch Pikachu

On the off chance that you’ve seen the Pokemon energized arrangement, you presumably have a weakness for Pikachu, who is hero Ash Ketchum’s most loved Pokemon.

There are numerous Pikachu fans who haven’t possessed the capacity to discover it in Pokemon Go. It’s an uncommon Pokemon in the amusement, and this aide offers the main sureshot method for getting it.

The awful news is that it works for new records. On the off chance that you’ve as of now been playing the diversion, you’ll need to begin once again with another Google account or make another Pokemon Trainer Club account.

If its all the same to you beginning once again, take after these means.

Download Pokemon Go on Android or Install Pokemon Go for iOS
Join with another Google or Pokemon Trainer Club account.
Teacher Willow will offer you a decision of three Pokemon – Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. Each one of   three and leave.
When you are adequately a long way from them, the same three Pokemon will bring forth again close you. Disregard them again and leave.
Rehash this progression at any rate twice more and you’ll see that Pikachu has showed up nearby the previously   mentioned three Pokemon.
Tap on Pikachu, toss the Pokeball and catch it.

The quantity of times you have to leave until Pikachu brings forth shifts.

We attempted this with two new records and once it showed up after we disregarded the first three Pokemon four times and the other time it showed up after we overlooked them five times.

Simply be patient and ensure you overlook the first Pokemon regardless of how enticing it may be to begin getting them.

There’s a little risk that you’ll discover Pikachu in the wild however it is unquestionably not regular. In case you’re truly connected to it, then this technique is presumably your most solid option to catch it.