CF Moto Bike Price in Nepal 2019

Since 2017, CF moto global auto-company started launching their bikes in Nepal. CF moto founded in 1989 has already developed 98 models vehicles and 51 models engine in all over the world. With the best technical research, CF Moto is planning to develop the best powersport design all over the world. CF Moto is now success to distribute its product in more than 70 countries all over the world. In 2017, CF moto first launches CF moto 150 NK in Nepal and with the continuation, CF moto launched CF moto 400 NK, CF moto 650 Nk and CF Moto ST. Papio. Here is the list of all the CF Moto bikes price in Nepal. Check out the key features and specifications of CF Moto bikes in Nepal.

CF Moto Bike Price in Nepal:

Model: Price in Nepal:
CF Moto ST. Papio Rs.241500
CF Moto 150NK Rs.299000
CF Moto 250NK Rs.525500
CF Moto 400NK Rs.841500
CF Moto 600NK Rs.1550000


CF Moto ST.Papio

ST. Papio is the first two-wheeler from CF Moto that is launched in Nepal. CF Moto ST. Papio has 124.5cc of engine displacement that produces the maximum power 7kw and maximum torque 8.3Nm. Both the wheel of the bike is equipped with Hydraulic disc brake.

Displacement: 124.5 cc
Engine: Single Cylinder Inline 4-Stroke Air-cooled
Front Suspension: Retractable
Rear Suspension: Cantilever Type
Max Power: 7.0 kw @ 85000rpm
Max Torque: 8.3Nm@6500rpm
Wheelbase: 1214mm
Ground Clearance: 145mm

CF Moto ST Papio Price in Nepal: Rs.2,41,500

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CF Moto 150NK:

CF Moto 150NK is the 150cc bike from CF Moto and is the first 150cc bike from CF Moto launched in Nepal. The engine of the bike produces the maximum power 10.7kw and maximum torque 12.2Nm.

CF Moto 150NK

Displacement: 149.4 cc
Engine: Single Cylinder EFI SOHC Air-cooled
Front Suspension: Upside down telescopic fork
Rear Suspension: Mid Positioned Monoshock
Max Power: 10.7kw @ 9000rpm
Max Torque: 12.2Nm@6800rpm
Wheelbase: 1360mm
Ground Clearance: 150mm

CF Moto 150NK Papio Price in Nepal: Rs.2,99,000

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CF Moto 250NK

CF Moto 250NK got the single cylinder engine that has got the maximum fuel efficiency compared to other CF Moto bikes. CF Moto 250NK is powered by 249.2cc that chunks out the maximum power 19.5kw and maximum torque 22Nm. The bike also has the feature of dual channel ABS, that make the bike even more advanced.

Displacement: 249.2cc
Engine: Single Cylinder liquid-cooled, DOHC, BOSCH EFI
Front Suspension: Telescopic
Rear Suspension: Cantilever Type, Single
Max Power: 19.5kw@9000rpm
Max Torque: 22Nm@7500rpm
Wheelbase: 1365mm
Ground Clearance: 150mm

CF Moto 250NK Price in Nepal: Rs.5,25,500

CF Moto 400NK

With more power and more features, CF Moto launched the 400cc of NK in Nepal. The bike is so adjustable and comfortable that two-wheeler beginners can easily handle it. CF Moto 400NK is powered by 400.4cc of dual-cylinder that produces the maximum power 31.5kw and maximum torque 35.4Nm. CF Moto 400NK has 300mm front disc and 220mm rear disc.

CF Moto 400NK

Displacement: 400.4cc
Engine: dual-Cylinder Inline 4-valve, Liquid cooled DOHC
Front Suspension: Telescopic Fork
Rear Suspension: Cantilever Monoshock with adjustable rebound
Max Power: 31.5kw @ 9500rpm
Max Torque: 35.4Nm@7650rpm
Wheelbase: 1415mm
Ground Clearance: 150mm

CF Moto 400NK Papio Price in Nepal: Rs.8,41,500

CF Moto 650NK

And the most powerful 600cc bike from CF Moto, CF Moto 650NK is powered by 649.3cc that produces the maximum power 41.5kw and maximum torque 62Nm. 650NK variant of CF Moto comes with dual disc and also ABS feature. 300mm of the disc is equipped in the front wheel and 240mm of the disc is equipped at the rear wheel of the bike.


Displacement: 649.3cc
Engine: dual-Cylinder Inline 8-valve liquid cooled DOHC engine
Front Suspension: 41mm telescopic KYB forks
Rear Suspension: Extruded steel swingarm with tubular steel bracing, KYB cantilever monoshock (max. travel 45mm)
Max Power: 41.5kw @ 95000rpm
Max Torque: 62Nm@7000rpm
Wheelbase: 1415mm
Ground Clearance: 150mm

CF Moto 650NK Papio Price in Nepal: Rs.15,50000