Now Students will not qualify for Higher study with D+ grade in +2

National Examination Board to start the process for not issuing the certificate to the students who has got the D+ grade in any of the +2 exam paper. National Examination Board to implement such policy from this year, but the actual paper notice related to this topic has not issued yet. So, this policy might remain as imagination. Don’t get troubled now.

Students with +2 graduates can hand on the Certificate of completion though he/she has got the D+ grade in previous years. But from the year 2074, NEB to change such policy and to introduce policy where students with D+ grade in any of the subject in Class 11 or 12 will not get the related documents like Transcript, Provisional Certificate and Migration Certificate from National Examination board. Don’t have idea of Character certificate.  Students with lack of above documents doesn’t prove he/she has completed the +2.

Students will get the chance to increase their grade, and only if they success to increase the grade to get the related documents from NEB.

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