Dish Home :Free offer

DishHome brings the exciting “DishHome free offer” to its users. With this offer, now DishHome users can access the digital television at free of cost. DishHome is the only one Satellite based DTH service provider of Nepal. DishHome has launched  Free offer effective from Bhadra 1st 2075. With this offer, customer can get DishHome just by recharging the amount.

Now On every DishHome recharge, DishHome users can get the all the initial DishHome kit that are necessary at the first stage of connection in free of cost. This offers is started from Bhadra 1st, 2075 and will be valid for limited time only.

Government of Nepal, banned the analog TV channels in Nepal and it is compulsory to setup the Digital Channel connection in every house instead of Analog TV channels. DishHome is the one, that is serving the Users so as to enable Digital TV connection in every houses of Nepal. DishHome provides the DTH service in Nepal which is based on Satellite. In order to make their Service more advance, popular and so as to increase the number of users, DishHome announces the DishHome free offer to its customers.

DishHome started their service since 2009 in Nepal, and since from that year, DishHome is serving their initial phase in rural and village areas of Nepal maximally. This kit is really useful in rural areas of Nepal, as it performs based on Satellite. So, in every corner of the country DishHome is serving their services. DishHome brings out the HD quality video channels because of which Users get more attracted in it rather than other DTH service provider. DishHome is already connected in the maximum houses in Nepal, mainly rural and village area rather than the city areas.

DishHome is already set as Public company. So, Users and Public can get involve in the Shares of company very soon.