DV-2017 Results

The outcomes for DV 2017 were discharged on May 3, 2016. Selectees may enter their DV-2017 passage affirmation number into the Entrant Status. DV-2017 information will be accessible through the Entrant Status Check until at any rate September 30, 2017. All participants ought to keep their affirmation number until September 30, 2017, whether they are at first chose or not. DV-2017 selectees who react to the warning guidelines on Entrant Status Check will get email interchanges cautioning them that a visa arrangement has been planned. Such messages won’t contain data on the real arrangement date and time yet will rather coordinate selectees to check their meeting arrangement points of interest on Entrant Status Check.

Be careful with tricks: DV champs don’t get messages illuminating them of their determination. Any letter, email, or other declaration requesting that you pay any preparing charge ahead of time of your visa arrangement at the government office ought to be ignored as the work of a trick craftsman.


Request with respect to differing qualities visas ought to be coordinated to the client administration focus by means of telephone or email. In Nepal, the administration focus can be come to at 1-800-091-0114 from 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday-Friday. Guests in the United States can achieve the administration focus at (703) 988-3428.

DV-2016 Interviews

The meetings for DV-2016 victors started on October 1, 2015 and will gone through September 2016. All relatives must show up at the meeting and land with all the fundamental documentation.