Dropped your phone in water? This is what you should do next

Dropped your phone in water? This is what you should do next

Majority of us might have gotten a minor heart attack when we dropped our beloved smartphones in water or got water on parts where it should not be.

sony-droppedWhen this happens, many people try to dry it off using a blow dryer, using papers etc. but these methods are not good for our smartphones. Using blow dryer or a microwave to dry a smartphone can result in many bizarre cases as the heat can melt the adhesives which hold the internal parts of the phone together. Or even worse, it can result in explosion.

Below is listed a very effective yet cheap way to dry your smartphone at home using rice. This works in case of minor contact with water only. If the case is very serious, there is very low chances for the method to work.

  • First Step:

The first step is to take out the battery, the sim card and the memory card out of your phone as soon as possible. In case of non-removable batteries, you do not need to take them out.

  • Second Step:

The second step is to dry off your smartphone from external moisture. For this simply use a towel or a soft cloth to absorb the water on the external part of the phone.

  • Third Step:

The third step is the main and the most crucial step. Take a bowl of uncooked rice and bury your smartphone in the rice. Leave it for 24 hours and the rice will absorb all the water from your smartphones. If you are lucky enough, your smartphone will start working normally in no time.