EDV result 2020 published | How to check/view EDV result 2020

EDV result for the year 2020 finally published. Every year the United States of America organized a DV ( Diversity Immigrant Visa) program to get a chance to enter into their country as a permanent resident. More than 50,000 immigrants from all over the world get a chance to enter the USA. Nepal is one of those countries, where Nepalese can apply for the DV program. The DV result of 2020 officially published. Follow up the full article for How to Check DV result 2020.

EDV result 2020

How to check DV-result 2020.

  1. When you click the above link, you will be redirected to the official homepage for checking the result.
  2. Firstly, enter your Confirmation Number, which you got while filling up the form.
  3. Enter your last name (i.e family name)
  4. Enter the actual date of birth, which you have mentioned while filling up the form.
  5. Enter your original e-mail address.
  6. Your own phone Number.
  7. Enter the country where you are from.
  8. Then click the Submit Button.

Check Your DV result 2020 now.



Lucky persons will get a chance to flew the USA.