Facebook bringing their own smartphones!

Facebook is the leading social site on the internet. most of the people using Facebook nowadays. Yes, facebook is updating day by day, some of the people in the world they think the meaning of internet is Facebook. Today we are going to tell you some thing about Facebook that news definitely you will shock. Facebook is now working on the construction of a smartphone. cyber spies have got some documents, on the basis of those documents has revealed that Facebook is building a smartphone.

facebook hardware team sent an application in January for a patent of electromechanical modular. Speaker, camera, microphone, touchscreen, and the display will there on the device. Although production of Facebook had been saying smartphone production news was a rumor. no process is not about the timeframe of the last raided.

Regina Dugaan is the head of Facebook hardware. before working in Facebook Regina had worked for Google advanced technology as head of the department. Google has left the modular phones project last year.