Facebook loose huge amount, when Facebook changes their news feed.

Facebook loose huge amount, when Facebook changes their news feed.

Facebook is one of the social platform, where people can easily connect with each other. But nowadays, number of publishers. advertisers and marketers is growing rapidly in Facebook, In stead of social post, users are watching advertise or publishers post. So, to change such unbalance situation Facebook announces its publishers to change news feed.

According to the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zukerberg the company after the change in Facebook  newsfeed of which huge dollars has been lost in the few hours of change. . In Friday January 12, 2018 the share market of Facebook has been decreased by 5% in the same day, which is big loss to the company and to its  share holders.
Facebook lost such huge amount only in changing newsfeed.

When share market of Facebook decreased, Facebook lost 25 billion dollar (Nrs.2.61 lakh crore) in the single day. Facebook have a grand change in their news feed on Thursday (January 11,2018).
Facebook is dreaming to collect all the lost refund from facebook Adevertising platform.

Why facebook changes their newsfeed.
Facebook is established to connect people each other. But nowadays, in newsfeed advertisers and marketers are being viral rather than the social post. In order to control such imbalance in newsfeed, Facebook wants to change their newsfeed. So, in order to favour user post and to deproritize piblisher’s or marketers content, Facebook is going to have a major change in their newsfeed.