15 Unique features, you can perform in your iPhone.Which you don’t know?

There few features and functions available in our iPhone but we don’t have any idea of it. Here is the 15 incredible or unique tasks you can perform on your iPhone, to make your each task to finish up quickly, efficiently and promptly. With the functions and features mention below, could save your time and improve the productivity. Here is the 15 features your iPhone could do.

15 Unique features, you can perform in your iPhone.

  • Shake your phone to redirect back to previous state:- This features is useful while you are editing photos or missing any to-do list. Just shake your iPhone you will redirect back one step back.
  • Turn your iPhone sideways to see the detailed calendar information.
  • Create the password for your iPhone with letters: Follow as settings->General->Passcode Lock-> just turn off ‘simple passcode’.
  • Enable Grey-scale mode to save battery.
  • Change the Siri gender as per your choice.
  • Take screenshot by holding home button and on/off button at same time.
  • Hold take photos button to click series of photos simultaneously.
  • Volume buttons also be used to click photos.
  • Manage the video play speed in the middle, fourth or eighth of average speed.
  • Use timer to turn off the music.
  • Improve the pronunciation of Siri.
  • You can check out how many planes are above you.
  • Get Siri to read the emails aloud.
  • Place your iPhone to Airplane mode to charge the battery fast.
  • Check out the exact time of sending our messages.

Besides above there are still other features are available which is still unknown but are very useful.