Four Best iPhone Internet Speed Up Apps 2019

The latest generation almost relies on smartphones for every task they do on daily basis. However, to handle any task, it demands the proper internet connection. Whether it is an Android smartphone or an iPhone, carriers included imposing data charges so as to make use of the internet effectively without worrying of overage charges. However, sometimes we find it quite annoying to find slow internet connection which reduces the ability to handle certain tasks. Even we may not be able to send an important email that needs to be delivered instantly. Watching videos while buffering is definitely is not expected in the high-end phones like iPhone. Overall, slow internet speed is quite frustrating which forces us to look for different alternative methods to boost up internet in iPhone.

Here, we have listed out some of the best internet speed up apps iPhone 2019 that may really work to increase internet speed. These iphone internet speed up apps not only enhance the network speed but also pauses the secondary apps, flushes DNS and even cleans RAM.

Download Accelerator

One of the best freeware iPhone apps that speed up internet in iPhone is Download Accelerator. It enhances the download speeds of any video on the iOS device. It is claimed that downloading this application will increase the download speed by 200% which is really amazing. Some of the simple reasons to choose Download Accelerator is its advanced level of features offered in direct downloading to internal storage, support for all kind of formats, download manager, ability to download multiple files simultaneously, and it even displays the detailed download progress.

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For those looking forward to the powerful internet speed apps on iPhone, iNet is the perfect app to download on iPhone. It holds the capability to scan the entire network and displays information quickly. If an intruder is making use of your WiFi network without your knowledge, then definitely you will find slow internet. So, it requires proper network scanner that can check the presence of any unauthorized user even if it is hidden. This may help put to speed up internet on your device. Download it now to explore the network and get to know of what’s going on exactly!

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Fing- Network Scanner

It is quite important to manage network connection properly so as to get enough internet speed on your device. Fing- Network scanner is well known to better the manage internet connection and gives out details of devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This professional application makes use of the intuitive interface that makes it easy to access and assess security levels. Also, identify the availability of any intruder thus allowing to solve the network problems if any.

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VPN in Touch

The fastest and secure mobile VPN services around for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is VPN in Touch. Though the app doesn’t increase internet speed directly, it can help in blocking the unnecessary ads from web pages that can further enhance internet speed. This is the probable reason for the app to join our list of best internet speed apps iPhone 2019. We are in an era where privacy and security is always a concern. Download this iphone internet speed up app now to conceal your digital identity once connected to VPN thus making it difficult to track.

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