Google shutting down the Google Plus , here is the reason behind it

Google Plus shutting down

Google is shutting down the Google Plus after the user information is exposed in the internet. Google Plus is a type of Social media same as like: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but not as success as they are. Within the 10 Months, Google is shutting down the Google Plus as it is not secure platform to share our personal information.

In a Google blog post, Google stated the reason for shutting down of Google Plus as Google Plus is now no longer secure to kept user files and it is exposing. In the time interval of 2015 to 2018, the number of users account detail has been leak. But Google is stating the reason for low Google plus users. During that period about 600$ thousand users data has been leak. When Google post their blog and stated the reason behind shutting down the Google Plus, the share market of Googles parent company alpha-beta is decreased by 2.6% .

Though Google launched this application with the motive of gaining the more users, which is not success and Google is regretting for it and running the Google Plus now is challenging for Google. So, Google is shutting down the Google Plus.

Google Plus is officially launched in 2011 and at beginning phase, the number of users is pretty high. Google is currently shutting down the Consumer version of Google Plus and users still can run Enterprise version of Google Plus.