Google now Translates 13 More language directly through your camera

Google Translates now supports about 50 languages

google translate

Google translate is the most usefull app to translate the language of one country to country. Google Translate is now capable of translating the 13 language directly from your camera.

Google Translate already supports the 27 different language visually and 13 more were just added. According to the latest report, the new 13 languages which now can be translated visually are:Arabic, Nepali, Punjabi, Bengali, Vietnamese, Thai, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Now Google translate supports world about 50 language visually.

Google uses Machine learning features to add to this features. In order to translate any languages visually, you just need to take a picture of line of text which you want to translate and Google Translate with the help of Machine learning scans the input and presents out the result for you.The technique used over here is called Neural Machine Translation (NMT).

The new translation is supported and available for both iOS and Android phones. You can update your Google Translate app, to navigate the camera features now available in Google Translate.