How to ad Face unlock technology in your smartphones:- IObit Applock:- Face Lock and Fingerprint Lock 2018

Fingerprint Sensor and Face Unlock is the latest phone unlock technology available in mostly probably every smartphone. Fingerprint sensor is the most common unlock featured than Face unlock that we seen in every smartphones that might be in android or iphone.

Few months ago, there is no any chance to add face unlock featured in every phone but somehow there is possibility to add fingerprint sensor because there is many such application available in play store. But today, In this article we are going to look after on how to add Face unlock and Fingerprint sensor unlock features in smartphones.

The first smartphones that comes in market with Face Unlock featured in iPhone X and back to back Samsung Galaxy Note 8, One plus 5 are also featured with Face Unlock technology. The trend of Face unlock featurs is back from iPhone X. Looking this trend, the face unlock technology is featured only in advanced or expensive smartphones. But the fact is that, Xiaomi a chinese smartphone manufacturer featured Face Unlock technology in mid-range budget smartphones Xiaomi mi A1, Redmi Note 5 pro.


How to add Face Unlock featured technology in your smartphone.

To add this feature in your smartphones you guys need to download a Android Application IObit Applock:- Face Lock and Fingerprint Lock 2018 from google playstore. Then follow the instruction as they asked after you install the application.

At the right corner of the application you will see option to add face unlock system.