How to fix overheating issues of Android phones.

How to fix overheating issues of android phones.Here is few and best list to overcome such heating issues in android phones. If you follow all the steps that we listed in this article. It definitely helps to solve such heating issues.

Android is an operating system that is installed on a smartphone. So, in such android smatphones we keep on using multi task at the same time. This results overheating issues in smartphones. Becaue of slow performance of CPU, smartphones get overheated which might damage the processor permanently. So, It will be good if you know how to fix such overheated issues in any smartphones.

How to Fix overheating problem in Android phones.
1. Prefer original charger.
Many branded smartphone company aware it’s customers to not to use duplicate charger, it damages battery as well as created overheating issues in android device.

2.Charged Phone Properly.
Charging phone frequently and many times in a single day may cause such issues. So, charged your phone 70 or 80 % in day time and full charged at night time.So, dont plug a charger too long in a day time.

3.Check you wifi
Turning on wifi might not create some issues but, while turning on wifi, the background application runs and cause such problems in your android phone. So, make sure you turn off your wifi while not using.

4.Turn off Bluetooth, GPS
These two features Bluetooth and GPS is available in every smartphones. While talking about android phones, while turning on these feature it continously scan for available networks that seriously cause overheating issues in android device. So, make sure you always turned off Bluetooth and GPS when it is not in use.

Android phones are the best tech gadgets nowadays. So, people try to run many programs at the same time. Like:- listening music while using social media or while playing games, such multitasking may cause overheating issues. So, make sure you run many programs as per the RAM and CPU available in android phones.
6.Heavy streaming.
Sometime, while travelling we keep on watching movies, videos in our android device. This requires more energy from your processor which not only consumes power but also a overheat issues.

7.Heavy gaming
We always wants to play heavy games in our android device. Though our phones doesnot support such high definition games we keep on installing it and running it, it seriously damage your CPU as well as overheats too.

8. Damged Battery.
Every company awares its customers to not to use damaged battery in our android phone, that causes issues of overheating in our android phones.

9.Proper ventilation of device.
Always make sure that, when your phone is heating seriously. try to cool it by providing proper ventilation.

10.Water Damage
Everyone loves to listen music while taking shower. SO make sure you locate LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) sticker on your phones so, that it awares you is your phone is experiencing any issues related to moisture or liquid damage.

11. Give your Droid A break
Sometimes restarting your device not only makes your smartphone faster but also extends your battery life.

12.Outdated Software.
Always keep your mobile softeware updated that makes your phone faster and efficient as well as reduces overheating problem.

13.Do not Cover your Android Phone.
We use cover to protect our phone from damages, but many of us dont know that, covering smartphones causes overheating issues in android phones. So, make sure you remove in phone covers.

14. Clean Junk files.
Always protect your phones from such junk files by clearing it regularly.

15. If you know any cooling android software then it will better if you installed it on your phone.