How to get Google Adsence Approval Fast 2018

How to get Google Adsence Approval Fast 2018
So, Lets have a look on how to get Google Adsence Approval fast 2018. Many of us dont know some strict rules that is implementing by google to all the users. Because of which we failed to get approval of Google Adsence. In this post we are going to look some basic tips because of which you can easily get approval by google adsence.

Google Adsence is one of the biggest platform for advertising the products and earning some revenue from those advertisers. This article is specially for beginners who are going to start the job in google adsence. Google adsence has become one of the best high paying PPC/CPC platform in this 2018. Adsence is the place where you can promote your products as well as the place where you can earn some revenue from websites or blogs. But because of some strict rule people are failed to get approved. So, here are some tips to get fast approval from google adsence. The CPC rate in google adscence cary between the range of $0.02-$15 depending on the visitors.

Some Tips to get Google adsence approval Fast 2018.

1. Read Google Adsence program policies and terms and services.
This is the one of the important thing that, you must read all the program policies and terms and services before you get started. Here are some important terms and conditions that you need to follow.
a. illegal or adult content, copyright videos and images are strictly prohibilate. Always use your original content.
b. High traffic volume.
c.Website or blog that do not contain copied content.

2. Fresh and quality content.
THe main factor that is responsible for whether your website is ready for approval or not is fresh and quality content. Avoid to use copied content to your blog. Write a fresh and quality article that really attracts the visitors. Minimum 250 words is must in your article. Write 40-50 best and quality articles before you apply for google adsence.

3. Good Body Content.
your content must be related to your topic. Your body must be related to be on-topic and must match at least 60% of your heading and keywords. Avoid using images that are agaisnt adsence policy.

4. Domain Name
Prefer using top level domain like:- .com, .org, .net etc. If you prefer using top level domain then there may be high chance of getting approval fast. Google noticed your domain name also. So, be careful while choosing domain name.

5. Domain Age.
In most of the developing countries, the domain name must be 6 month old before you apply for google adsence. BUt in some case, if your visitors is increasing day by day very quickly like:- techviral then google will check your content rather than the domain age.

6. Use google adsence supported language.
There are number of language in the world, but all of the language is not supported by google. SO, be aware that use only those langugage which are supported by google adsence. Otherwise you must need to add google translator to your site.

7. Design
We prefer you to use professional theme rather than the default theme. Your site must include About us, Contact us, Feed. Your every content must be easily navigate through your homepage and avoid interstitial windows (e.g. sharing like button, surveying etc).

8. Alexa Ranking.
Always write effective article to your site so that you can improve your alexa ranking. High alexa ranking means low traffic. So, in order to increase your traffic make sure yoou collect some effective, original and interesting news article.

9. Organic traffic.
Make sure you have daily 50+ unique visitors to your site before you apply for google adsence. Traffic play s important role in website or blog.

10. Enter correct information.
I recommend you to provide a correct information. IF you have then it will better if you provide contact number as well as full address including postal address. If google find that your contact information is incorrect, there may not be chance of approving your websites.

Note:- Please enter a correct payee Name. You may not get chance to change payee name again and again.