How to increase your mobile battery life.


Nowadays everyone is looking for, How to save mobile battery? Every person has this problem wants the solution for it. Many of them already familiar in using the power bank, they always carry power bank in their bag and when needed they start charging from it.  However, not everyone has power bank, we can save mobile battery life by ourselves. Here are the few tips that can save mobile battery life:-

  1. Reduce Brightness.

Reducing the screen brightness really helps in saving the battery. Nowadays, maximum mobile has features of auto brightness; if possible enabling it in sunny days really helps in saving the battery. If auto brightness features is not there, you can set brightness as per your need.

  1. Reducing screen off timeout.

When you are not using your phone for a long time, it’s better to reduce screen timeout as because if you kept screen timeout for long time then when you kept in pocket the screen will not get off for long time and that reduces the battery life.

  1. Always kept mobiles Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Keeping Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on reduces the battery life, always after finishing the work of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, kept them always off that helps in expanding the battery life.

  1. Disable the application.

Some apps like, GPS location tracker, messenger, games, etc. are running in background, so disabling it also helps in expanding the battery life. For e.g. if you are using facebook and listening song at the same time. Therefore, if possible such activities may also reduce the battery life.

  1. Uninstall the unnecessary apps.

Many of us have a habit of using different application. We want different games and different application, and we download it and runs, but after few days, it feels lazy while using these apps so it is better to not install those apps, if you install it and not using them then it’s better to uninstall the apps.

  1. Kept mobile in cool place rather than hot place. The performance of mobile is good in cold place, so while keeping it in pocket it is better to kept in open pocket.
  2. Do not use mobile phone while charging it reduces the battery life.