How to pay Electricity bill from eSewa : online

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How to pay Electricity bill from eSewa : online

Yes, from eSewa you can pay the NEA bill online from anywhere in the world. Here are the few steps for you which you need to follow.

Step 1: After creating the eSewa, you need to load some money not less than the bill amount.

Step 2: At the homepage of eSewa you will find an option called NEA bill payment under the Utility Bill Payment

Click it!!

Step 3: When you click that option, you will be redirect to NEA Bill Payment. Where you need to enter your Sc.No, Customer ID and counter where you pay the Bill.

Step 4: After filling up above information, Click proceed. Now you will see the page where with your detail information and amount to be paid.

Step 5: After that Click Confirm .That’s it!!

You will find your Sc No. and Customer ID in the Top of bill receipt or the in the book, which you got from NEA.

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