How to Track Stolen Phone? IMEI Tracking? Google’s Find my device.

How to Track Stolen Phone? IMEI Tracking? Google’s Find my device.
Daily in the context of Nepal nearly 100 mobiles are being lost. But to find all the lost or stolen mobile is really impossible in the context of Nepal.So, Here is steps to find the lost or stolen android phone.

How to find lost or stolen mobile?
The number of smartphone user is increasing day by day. In the similar way, the number of mobile thief is also increasing day by day. So, what to do if your mobile phone get lost.
Here is few way to find your mobile device.

  1. Using IMEI
    It’s a simple process of tracking your phone using IMEI number. Just take your IMEI number and goto to nearby police station they will track your mobile and helps you to find your mobile.

So, to get your IMEI check your mobile cover box or simply dial *#06# in your mobile dialpad in android phone.

Or, you can also find your IMEI number inside your mobile phone. for this.
1.Open settings
2.Tap About Phone
3.Tap Status
4.Note down the IMEI number

In case of iPhone either check back part of your mobile phone or your phone sim card tray.

IF you were not able to find your IMEI then just go to google dashboard where you will get detail information of mobile device which is once connected with your gmail account.

Google dashboard:- google dashboard

2. Using Google’s Find my device
It’s a really good features provided by google for its user. To use Google Find my device, your phone should be connected to gmail or any network.

Just click the link:- For Android (Find my Device)

for iphone (Find my device)
After clicking the link, you will asked to input your gmail account that is accessed in your mobile phone. With the help of google map you can find your mobile phone.

If you have got featured smartphone then its better to contact Police station. They will provide you a cheat along with your IMEI number.