Huawei unveils the first car to be driven using a smartphone without a driver

Huawei’s ‘world’s first’ smartphone-driven car

Finally, Huawei unveils or shows off the first car that can be driven with smartphone without a driver. The cool and great concept by Huawei is definitely going to get implement the official purpose as soon as possible.

Roadreader project uses the AI technology of Huawei, which is very much consciousness in determining the objects more clearly and is more focused in  understanding the environment more frequently. This AI technology is inserted in Huawei powerful device Huawei mate 10 pro. This AI technology can identify thousands of object like, dog, animals, human and many more with more frequently.  Not only it see the objects, but also try to understand the surrounding which is the best part of this technology.

Huawei mate 10 pro is that smartphone which is already in top at object recognition as because we could see AI inserted inside the smartphone. , This object recognition features could  pilots the car, recognize objects instruct the car to and avoid which is successfully completed within 5 weeks.

To enable this features, firstly you car was allow it to be robotically controlled then we need to build a communication method that instruct your car to function.