ICT Meetup 2016 happening at Prime College

ICT Meetup is a yearly occasion composed by Prime College and prime it club with the subject “Business – Academia Collaboration”. It is involved distinctive sessions and board discourses where ICT specialists, CEO, Educationists, Software Developers/Designers, Entrepreneurs and Government Officials join together to share information handle new difficulties. It additionally plans to give stage to it understudies, specialists and designers to showcase their undertakings and imaginative manifestations in the field of data, correspondence and innovation. As in the previous couple of years, Prime College and Prime IT Club is currently back with its occasion ICT Meet Up V4 which will be sorted out on June 4-5, 2016 all alone premises, Khusibu, Nayabazaar.

According to the data gathered from its official page, “ICT Meet up is a yearly occasion sorted out by Prime College and Prime IT Club with the topic ‘The educated community Industry Collaboration’. “It is included distinctive sessions and board discourses where ICT specialists, CEO, Educationists, Software engineers/originators, business visionaries and government authorities join together to share information handle new difficulties. It likewise means to give stage to IT understudies, consultants and engineers to showcase their activities and inventive manifestations in the field of Information, Communication and Technology.

This meetup helps overcoming any issues amongst college and commercial enterprises are one of the testing calculates that should be managed consideration and effectiveness. It’s not a simple assignment to do everything alone in the field of IT. The backing of kindred understudies, IT business people and experts are similarly fundamental. Be that as it may, it has been found that they don’t get the chance to associate and set forward their thoughts together. For this, the ICT Meetup is composed each year so that the understudy’s expertise level and expert work environment can be united in the same stage.

The understudies can share their issues; the specialists will give them with thoughts to building new abilities and caution them with the difficulties approaching on their way. There will be immediate correspondence among them.

§ IOS and Android Platform

§ AI (Artificial Intelligence)

§ Outsourcing in Nepal

§ Leadership

§ Photography

§ ABC of Marketing

§ Banking Context in Nepal

§ Career Counseling

§ Motivational Talk

§ Open Source and different subjects yet to be concluded


Boss visitor suman lal shrestha

Expressing gratitude toward for welcome in such a critical tie up system. He discussed the Prime school doing extraordinary for understudies and industry both to locate the potential fresher’s and industry for finding the fresher’s.

He additionally discussed the significance of such program. Such program supports both fresher’s and industry in an oversaw way so that understudy s would be persuaded to stay in nation for better occupation and not go remote for IT employments.

Shutting comment

Sudhar man bhakti mathema

Have vision that prime school will be high foundation for understudies to pick up information and giving legitimate stage to them to demonstrate their ability and what they realize and execute it . he additionally said this ICTMEETUP will have huge effect on understudies and industry specifically or in a roundabout way.

Making ICT Meetup as an event Prime school likewise marked MOU with MIC Nepal and Nepal Certifying Company.

Ace/dr sundar shyam bhakti mathema(Executive executive of Prime school/and essential naresh Prasad shrestha) Academic

Executive of Nepal confirming organization Mr. biplav man Singh and operation director Mr. Chiranjivi Adhikari (INDUSTRY)


Manish Shrestha (Founder of Kazi Studios)

Prakash Neupane (Founder of Nepflights organization)

Karmath Dangol (Cloud Factor)

Kishor gasp

Ramesh pokhrel


A board discourse, included a gathering of all above master assembled to talk about a point on Emerging Technology for a Career Development.

Manish Shrestha depicts IOT (web of things) as Any Device which can be utilized for correspondence with the assistance of Internet. He gave a case of Refrigerator which can speak with the server and helps you realize that sustenance is less accessible or gives you redesign about the nourishment in the Freeze. Television that can speak with the server and can record your every now and again watching occasion in your nonattendance, clothes washer that give you redesign about its support status and Detergent status. He likewise said” In the nation like Nepal IOT can be utilized more, and we do have more stages to utilize IOT.”

Manish Shrestha likewise offered data to understudies and schools on how individuals are employed in an organization: as per him” Learning how to learn is most critical ought to be taught in the school in light of the fact that in the field of IT innovation change in a matter of moments. Along these lines, how to embrace the change and the new Technology is the thing I see while I contract a representative for my organization.”

He likewise said that the solace rise at youthful age is substantial yet when individuals develop old it contracts with the oldness so we have to attempt distinctive things and get humiliated to grow the solace bubble.

Fundamental good he gave was “STAY HUNGRY STAY FOOLSIH” to take in more.

Karmath Dangol kept his perspective as “IOT has made the general population idiotic. Be that as it may, what if we ought to learn is utilizing the dumbed mind on high things.”

He additionally talked about “Employment in IT field is continually testing. Understudies ought to participate in such kind of project where you can know the organizations and specialists.”

He additionally roused understudies on going for the prospective employee meeting. He said its better you come up short the Interview as opposed to not going to an Interview. Utilize your asset to discover what’s going available and realize tapping the coach for your legitimate direction.”

Kishor Pant

He centered ” Language is regardless. What we truly need is essential information. Attempt to discover and take in the center things.”

He additionally informed educators to concentrate on essential things instead of putting groups of book of dialects. Furthermore to make your understudies contemplate what they are realizing and how that thing would be connected in further studies and viable fields. ”

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PC Vision (Machine Learning) and Innovation

In the ICT V4.0 2016 Prime Collage Mr. Rachheck Shrestha, Software Developer from Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal Specialist on UWP and C# .He displays on the Topic of “PC vison” ( Machine Learning for Devs).In this session we will discuss how Artificial insight can change what we look like at the world. In particular, how PCs can demonstrate what the world looks like through their processing.He introduces in what capacity would we be able to use most recent Microsoft Cognitives Services to work Next era of applications. How would you contrast the Apple and Organge ?? As a Developer he exhibit the Machine Learning for the future era engineers to learn Machine Learning He additionally gives Ideas about the diverse Microsoft APIs i.e the Microsoft’s Machine Learning APIs, Microsoft Emotion API ,Microsoft Vision API, Microsoft age API urging the new era to utilize these APIs and manufacture their own particular applications .

what Innovation is occurring around , what’s Next ??

Narisha Shrestha Software Engineer ,An authority in Power BI reporting and information examination. Right now Nairisha is included in overseeing application improvement ventures with UNDP Nepal.

she trusts how Innovation change the past and will change the Future. She shares Different Transformation tends of the PC era and Information over figuring environment, The blast of information, distributed computing, pervasive presentations, social registering, Ubiquitous network, characteristic User Interface.

On the system Basanta shah likewise present and showcase his answer made for outwardly debilitate individuals. he likewise wins Microsoft envision container country finals from Nepal over this arrangement . he indicates how his answer helps outwardly impair individuals in perusing and writing a word simply utilizing their figures.

Discussing future Technologies she speaks Technologies are changing and how you will change your future with these. recreations – Mobile-information cloud everything are information driven and everything are evolving. On system Ravi Mandel programming engineer, Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal talking over mists server farm and Beacons. How mists are changing the functioning tends nowadays. So what’s Next?

On occasion Narisha Shrestha share some future advancements. How wearable advancements and Internet of Things ( IOT ) are acquiring immense change working tends. Discussing Microsoft HoloLens better approach to envision and work. we as a whole need change and we can change what’s to come. so Dream it,Build it , Live it.

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