Introducing Apple Watch Series 5

A Watch That Saves People's Lives

The watch that saved millions of lives across the globe.

The next generation apple watch comes with even better features introducing the new innovative Always-on Retina Display, display that never sleeps. Unlike previous version of apple watches, when you lowered your wrist and the display would turn off, this series 5 brings the always visible watch face, where you will be able to see your time, complications, health risks and so on. The new always-on display is loaded with much advanced technologies where with a single tap, you will be able to bring everything back to its full brightness.

Low Temperature Poly-silicon & Oxide display (LTPO)

With the industry’s’ only low temperature poly-silicon oxide display, LTPO allows the display to refresh dynamically from as high as 60 Hertz to as low as One Hertz which turns out be extremely power efficient. Also, including the new low power display driver, an ultra-efficient power management integrated circuit & a new ambient light sensor which all work seamlessly together.

All Day Battery Life

While still being able to deliver this always-on retina display, the series 5 is also capable of maintaining the All-day 18 hour battery life. With the new optimized screens for all workouts in the workout apps, you’ll also be able to view your workout metrics without raising your wrist. When you can’t raise your wrist, or tap the display while working out or when you’re in an important meeting, the new always-on retina display is just perfect for you and will be useful in so many more different ways, which ultimately helps you crush your fitness goals.

A Built-in Compass

Just like on your iPhone, with all the updated Map-apps in series 5, you’ll now be able to see which direction you’re facing. You can also add the compass to your watch face so you can see your direction at a glance. With the even new compass app, the series 5 allows you to see not only your direction, but also latitude, longitude & current elevation.


The new built-in feature that keeps you notified about your health risks like fall detection, SOS emergency, SOS medical ID, heart rate, loud-noise alert etc. and so on could be life-saving. Now with series 5, every cellular model has international emergency calling so you can call emergency services in over 150 countries.


100% Recycled Aluminum

Being able to express your personal style, series 5 also has the widest assortments of case finishes ever. Aluminum models comes in silver, gold & space gray and now the cases are made up of 100% recycled aluminum. Stainless steels models come in gold, space black as well as polished and now, apple is introducing new models for the first time in titanium. This natural brushed titanium maintained its color through special surface treatment than apple custom engineered. The second model also exists in titanium, ‘Brushed spaced black with a diamond light coating’. Series 5 will also be available in ceramic as well as in brilliant white color. The new apple watch Nike models are introducing new Nike sport bands, new reflective sport loops & cool new Nike watch faces.

Stainless steel Model
Aluminum Model

Titanium Model

Nike Model



Series 5 GPS models is starting at just $399 (Ranging from Rs. 42000 – 47000 NP Currency)  and $499 (Rs. 55000 – 59000) for cellular models. The order can be made now and the watch will be available in apple stores from September 20, 2019. 


Every apple watch is designed and modelled in the most environmentally friendly way possible. With its always-on display, built-in compass, international emergency calling and other great features like water proof, truly makes Series 5 the most capable Apple Watch in history.