iPhone Jail Break: Advantages and Disadvantages

iPhone Jail Break: Advantages and Disadvantages

iphone-jailbreakAndroid provide a limited number of developer’s options. But Apple iPhone on the other hand provides no such options and you are not even allowed to install apps from external sources.

This can be a bummer for many but there is a solution to the problem i.e. Jail Break. Jail Breaking is similar to rotting in Android. By Jail breaking you unlock unlimited options and things that you can do to your iPhone. Below are listed some Advantages and disadvantages of jail breaking your iPhone.


  • When you jail break your iPhone you are open to the world of unlimited options. You can customize your phone as you access to the root system of your iPhone.
  • Jail breaking also allows you to make in app purchase for free. Apart from that you can also download paid apps for free.
  • You can also install apps from unknown and external sources.


  • The main drawback of jail breaking your iPhone is that your warranty gets void instantly. Your iPhone can be brand new but after you jail break it, your warranty is void.
  • Jail breaking makes your phone open to viruses and malwares. Jail breaking makes it easier for hackers to steal your personal information.
  • Unauthorized apps can crash your iPhone easily and lead to bricking.