Just for laughs:- here we go

1.A girl was talking on the phone for an hour and she hung the phone up. Her father said,” Today you talked only for hour. I am surprised” the girl replied “it was a wrong number dad”.



2. Man: Oh god! How long is a thousand years for you?

God:- Just a second.

Man:- And what are a million rupees for you?

God:- Just a paisa.

Man:- Then give me a paisa.

God;- wait a second



3. Patient:- Doctor I have a serious memory problem. I cannot remember nothing.

Doctor:- Ok, I see when did you have this problem?

Patient:- Which problem.



4. Ram:- Take this glass, i can give you 99% guarentee.

Sita:- What do you mean?

Ram:-  When you throw the glass from 4th floor house it will not break up to second floor.



5. A teacher asked his students to draw a cow eating grass. Every body drew the pictures but Ram didn’t. The teacher asked “Ram,  Why didn’t you draw the picture?” Ram said i drew the picture but cow ate the grass and ran away.

life is a journey. so try to laugh at every journey of your life.