K L Mobile Hub Mela. Buy Smartphones at cheap rate and Mobile exchange offer

K l Mobile Mela

This the first time where, Nepalese people can buy every mobile phones at the cheap rate. K L Mobile Hub is going to organize a event/mela where we can buy the mobile phone in cheap rate.

The event has been started from Falgun 1. According to the Alive Glaider,director of Mobile hub  the main purpose of this event is to make sure that, customers can use the smartphones at very cheap rate. This event is definitely going to be benefits for those customers, who are eagerly wanted to buy the smartphone right now.

The director of this event is expecting to see more customer. There is not compulsory that, once you enter inside the event, you need to buy the smartphone, you can just visit the event and knows only price rate of each phone. Along with the smartphones at cheap rate, customers can get a different kinds of gift hampers, in each mobile.

The number of people in this event is increasing day by day not only with the smartphones at cheap rate but also, the different gift hampers they are getting in buying each phone. In this event, customer can get a chance to win a mobile phone by playing different games organized inside the mela or they can participate in photo contest just to win a smartphones.

At the buttom floor of the KL Tower, Chabahil, K L mobile hub organized a gulf games which has become the main attraction of the customers. One contestant with the highest score can be awarded with the scheme called “buy one get one “. Those candidates, who are taking participate in photo contestant can get a chance to win F5 or VIVO V7 mobilephone if he/she could get highest likes and comment in those pictures in social media. 

IN K L  mobile hub mela, customers can exchange their old phones with new phones. The event is going to end February 28.