LG X8 Phone Rumors Features Design And Specifications

LG smartphones have their own place in the market and people prefer these phones because of its ultimate and exceptional display elements. However, the phone category of LG has a huge collection with many variations including the latest technology and innovations. The trend is shifting now and the 2018 pop-up camera and sliding camera mechanism have altered the body structure of the phones with respect to that rumors about LG pop-up camera smartphone are also on the round.

These new rumors are spreading like fire all over as the company is always appreciated a lot in the Middle East because of the reliable and quality devices. The new addition in the LG product would be the LG X8 which would be the incredible phone if turned out to be reality whereas, there are no official details of leaks being dropped but the year 2019 seems magnificent in terms of LG X8 concept design which hints the new advance and modernized fusion in its upcoming product.

Design and Display

The concept video of LG X8 is trending these days as it has the novelty in its design and motif. The year 2018 had many smartphones released to bring the advancement in the structure which we have seen in the Vivo NEX, Oppo Find X, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Honor Magic 2 now this reflecting wave of the modification would be highlighted in the upcoming LG X8 phone in Nepal.

The screen would be of 6 inches in size of IPS 16 color display, the looks shade the resemblance to the earlier Apple iPhones rear which is straight blank in the basic colors with the finely crafted edges and neat finish, the frame around is composed of light metal. The dual rear camera lens integrated into a plate form moreover the front is full infinity display due to the pop-up camera which slides out for the selfie keeps the screen uninterrupted.

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The concept design is intriguing and LG has always remained one step forward in the phone internals as well. The most popular phones are LG V10 and LG V20 because of the dual screen, and the recent release of LGV40 with five cameras set up.

Now the expectations are also high with the LG X8 phone as it would be loaded up by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor compiled with the plush and extravagant graphic for the sumptuous visuals over the infinity display eventually turning the gaming and media experience elite.  The operating system would be Android Pie and the configuration is speculated around to be 6GB and 8GB RAM with 64GB and 128GB internal storage. All of this backed up with the 4000 mAh battery supported with the fast charging, other main and enhancing features include an in-display fingerprint scanner and face unlock.


The most unique and interesting part is the LG X8 camera set up however it is a replicated design from the famous Vivo NEX but the reliability and durability believe on the well-known brand LG makes it a superior.

The LG X8 phone price in Nepal is also becoming a talk of the town as such posh and the fashionable introduction of the phone would indeed bring a high price tag with itself. The pop-up selfie camera is on the right corner exactly like Vivo NEX with the lens power of 16MP and is beefed up with the latest AI features for the inflated and intensified photography results.LG X8 would release with the rear camera set up strengthen up with the 32MP+16MP lens.

LG X8 Price in Nepal

The concept design is a fan-based creation but it is developed and created on the leaks and rumors of recent times, whereas the company is keen to bring the innovative designs and novelty in LG smartphones with such dynamic and competitive environment. The news of foldable LG G Flex X is also trending along with the LG pop-up camera phone LG X8, conversely, there is no authentic news about the LG X8 price in Nepal, but it is definitely going to be a premium smartphone.

LG X8 Release Date in Nepal

The year 2019 would be a year of revelation the best futuristic smartphones, each and every brand is well prepared to drop the astonishing phones in which the foldable phones concept, multiple camera phone concepts and the sliding and pop-up camera phone concepts are the top moves. However, the LG X8 phone release date in Nepal is not confirmed through any means but the predictions show it might be the device of 2019.