Ma Yesto Geet Gauchu – Joheb Manandhar Ft. Bullet Flo

New Nepali Club Mix of Hit Song “Ma Yesto Geet Gauchu” by Joheb Manandhar featuring Aid Ray, Bullet Flo, DJ AN and DJ Faray


This is a remix version by original singer (Joheb Manandhar ) himself featuring with rappers (Aid-Ray, Bullet Flo) & DJs/Music Producers (AN & Faray). Original Version was Released on B.S 2057. The sound of Ma Yesto Geet Gaunchu (Official Remix) is predominately based in Electronic Dance Music.

Music and Lyrics: Joheb Manandhar

Make Up: Mona Nepali
Assitant Direction: Archit Shrestha, Sujan Dhakal and Dipson Dangol
Direction, Edit and Camera: Randhir Shrestha
Production: A RAS Production