Men’s Under 20 Fifa World Cup 2019 hosted by Poland

Fifa U20 World cup previously known as FIFA World Youth Championship is the Biennial Football tournament of Male under the age of 20. The tournament is organized in every two years. The first U20 Fifa World cup was held in Tunisia and the latest one i.e Fifa World Cup u20 of 2019 is held on Poland. The 2019 u20 Fifa World cup started from 23 May and ends on 15 June. This is the first time, Poland hosted the any of the Fifa tournament. Initial and End game of the tournament will be played on Stadion Widzewa in Łódź. India and Poland were the two countries to allowed to bids for organizing the Fifa U20 tournament.

Till 2019, 21 tournaments were played and Argentina is the country who won the highest number of the tournament title and Brazil. Argentina won the six tournament title, Brazil won the five tournament title, Portugal and Serbia won the two tournament title and Ghana, Germany, SpainFranceEngland and Russia won the title for once.

The Men’s u20 FIFA world cup initiates from Tunisia and Soviet Union (team specially designed for U20 Fifa World cup) wins the title as the Champion.

In 2019, a total of 24 teams qualified. Poland gets the direct entry for being the hosted nations and other remaining countries were qualify from continental competition.

Qualified Countries from Continental competition:

U20 Fifa World Cup


Group Division in 2019 u20 Fifa World Cup:

         Group A:                   Group B:                 Group C:             Group D:

Senegal Italy Uruguay Ukraine
Columbia Japan New Zealand USA
Poland Ecuador Norway Nigeria
Tahiti Mexico Honduras runny nose


         Group E:                          Group F:               

France Argentina
Mali South Korea
Panama Portugal
Saudi Arabia South Africa


Out of each group, one country will be chosen with the highest number of points and each group faces each other and the winner will be the Champion of u20 Fifa World Cup 2019.