Why Mero Surakshya? platform of Mobile insurance & How to register??

Probably, one of the most growing field in Nepal is in mobiles and smartphones. More than 90% Nepalese are capable to carry the smartphones in their hand. Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly, users damage the phone, either in bathroom, kitchen or sometime from your own hand. In most of the developed countries, people have the insurance of their mobile phone, but not in Nepal. So, with the aim to protect your device that manufacturer warranty does not, Mero Surakshya mobile protection platform launched in Nepal.

What does Mero Surakshya do?

Mero Surakshya is a simply platform of mobile insurance.i.e. Mero Surakshya handles all the expenditure or loss you faced, while repairing your phone or your phone gets stolen . Knowingly or unknowingly, there is no gurantee that your phone remains safe and secure everytime. So, Mero Surakshya is the platform to secure and protect the mobile phone as well as data or information. Mero Surakshya replace your old phone which is damaged or not working with the new one within the 7 days of duration.

How to register on Mero Surakshya?

There are simple steps you need to follow, in order to register your mobile phone in Mero Surakshya.

Firstly you need to install the mobile application so called “Mero Surakshya” from the play-store or App-store (Available in both iOS and Android). After installing the application you need to activate with the certain payment, which can be made through 15 commercial banks or digital online payment system such as Khalti and iPay or there is also door to door service available.

How much do we need to pay to activate the protection plan?

You need to pay 5% of your mobile cost price (as per the invoice).

What are the Services we get from Mero Surakshya?

  1. You can replace your phone, with the new one within 7 days of time.
  2. Gives the fully Antivirus protection.
  3. Aims to protect your gadget.
  4. Data Backup
  5. You can track and block the smartphones, which is lost or stolen.
  6. Aware against the fake calls.

What  are damages do Mero Surakshya accepts:

  1. Liquidity Damage.
  2. Accidental damage.
  3. loss or stolen
  4. fire damage

Yes, you get the warranty or gurantee in some smartphones, while buying but that is for certain period of time only, so Mero Surakshya might be the next option and best platform to protect and secure your mobile phones.

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