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Ncell Pvt. Ltd. has been working in Nepal since 2004 as the first private mobile operator in the country. We are committed to being the best local mobile network for the people living in the country. We provide services of international quality with a local touch. Most of our employees are Nepali and our services are designed to meet the needs of the local society. Ncell is part of the Axiata Group Berhad, one of Asia’s leading telecommunications group.


Internet packs


Enjoy affordable Internet at rates ranging from 40paisa/MB to as low as 5 paisa/MB, that too, including all taxes. Because Internet is for all.


Just dial *17123# to subscribe to All time pack, Day time pack or Night time pack as per your need. Get 2 times more data in Day pack and 4 times more data in Night pack at the same rate.

Price (including taxes)    All-time pack (can be used any time of the day) Day-time pack

(5am – 5pm)

2 times more data           Night-time pack

(11pm – 5am)

4 time more data             Validity

Rs. 10    25MB

(40paisa/MB)     50MB

(20paisa/MB)     100MB

(10 paisa/MB)    3 days

Rs. 20    60MB

(33paisa/MB)     120MB

(17paisa/MB)     240MB

(8paisa/MB)       3 days

Rs. 100  300MB

(33paisa/MB)     600MB

(17paisa/MB)     1200MB

(8paisa/MB)       30 days

Rs. 150  600MB

(25paisa/MB)     1200MB

(13paisa/MB)          2400MB

(6paisa/MB)            30 days

Rs. 250                     1200MB

(21paisa/MB)          2400MB

(10paisa/MB)          4800MB

(5paisa/MB)       30 days Once the volume in your data pack is over, you can continue to surf Internet at Re. 1/MB (including taxes) for packs of Rs. 100, 150 and 250 and Rs. 3.39/MB (including taxes) for packs of Rs. 10 and 20 till the validity period. After the validity period is over, standard charge as per your tariff will apply unless you buy a new pack. It is always recommended to surf Internet by buying Internet Pack as you get the best rates.

All packages are applicable for all Prepaid and Pro tariff except Ncell Connect.

To know the remaining data balance, dial *901# or type ‘status’ and SMS it to 17123.


Internet surfing rate without subscribing any package:

All Prepaid tariff               Rs. 3.39/MB

Pro Premium     Rs. 2.26/MB

Pro Plus                Rs. 3.39/MB

Pro Classic           Rs. 3.39/MB

All the charges mentioned are inclusive of taxes.

(Government taxes include: 13% VAT)

Facebook Packs

Choose from the available 3 Facebook packs and use Facebook starting from Rs. 0.23/MB.

Pack       Price inclusive of taxes (Rs.)        Facebook Data (can be used any time of the day)             Bonus Facebook Data – Night (can be used from 10pm to 6am)  Validity How to buy?      Per MB rate after buying pack

1-day     10.17     20MB    20MB    24 hours               Dial *17123# and follow instructions.      Rs. 0.2599/MB

7-day     55.37     140MB  140MB  7 days   Rs. 0.2034/MB

30-day  168.37   600MB  600MB  30 days Rs. 0.1469/MB